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Turner Bail Bonds

Best ladies in business
11/3/2018 11:12:58 AM
I went in to do a bond for my daughter. Devastated to say the least . Well i happened to be there when the the ladies where there . Kim Turner Stephanie Rader and Victoria Hastings. I was crying and these ladies prayed with me for my daughter assured me that things can change and it will be ok one day. I am so glad i used Turner Bonding . You should too.
Very gratefull for service
Pam, Plainfield, Indiana
6/11/2018 1:23:29 PM
Stephanie Rader was very very professional and I can't thank her enough for helping at a time when I was tired and heartbroken with my daughter in jail. She took the time to explain things and got my daughter out of jail in a timely manner. I walked out of the office feeling better than when I walked in. I hope that I never have to use her again, but I recommend her to anyone else who needs to get someone out of jail!
Very helpful
Jim, Avon, Ind
3/24/2018 4:04:01 AM

Could not have asked for a better bondsman. Kim Turner did everything possible to make this a smooth transition. Would highly recommend her and her team anytime you get in trouble.

Remarks, Indianapolis Indiana
11/7/2017 3:00:18 PM

Fantastic group of ladies help me very compassionate and helpful

How I was treated
How I was treated, Indianapolis Indiana
11/7/2017 2:57:54 PM

Play lovely group of ladies help me very very much when I need it the worst very kind and compassionate

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